Agency services

Full Ships Agency Representation for both Owners and Charterers. Owners Protection Agency. Sub Agency Facilities available. Supervision of Loading/Unloading Vessels. Attendance of vessels whilst on the slipway. Crew Medieval/Repatriation. Crew changes. Customs clearance of Ships Spares/Provisions. Supply of Ships Provisions. On – Hire Certificates. Foreign Currency advance facilities.


In all areas of handling the cargoes from producer to receiver and know the way around in the continuously changing world of transportation and logistics.

We offer:

  • transport by seagoing vessel, inland barge, rail, truck or multi modal solutions 
  • warehousing
  • forwarding
  • distribution
  • re-packing
  • customs formalities
  • quality surveys


Our chartering department is happy to organize complete or shared charters for carriage of bulk products, part-cargoes or complete shipments, even not and from Bulgaria. Special knowledge and partners in transportation of frozen products and general cargoes will be of a great help for you finding right vessel and/or cargo in the area and worldwide. Al knowledge, Senior Personnel, Protection of our Principals (either Owners or Charterers as is the case), Objectivity, Discretion and Saving in time and money.


We are specialized in transportation, handling, storage of IMO / IMDG class cargoes and especially Class 1 cargoes – explosives, civil & military cargo and equipment.


Our pool of 20 foot and 40 foot ocean containers is available for short or long term rental as well as for sale. This provides for a temporary storage solution which is cost effective and highly mobile. Services include the transport of the container to and from your site as well as the placement at ground level if necessary.

Heavy Lift and Oversize Transport

When the size and weight of the cargo needs special equipment and knowledge, our team will provide both.

Cotton rags

For sale in the town of Burgas (and the region) of technical cotton rags. Cotton content – min 90%, without threads, zippers and buttons. Minimum Dimensions 20 * 20 cm. Extruded and Packed in plastic packages x 10 kg (with solutions 40 x 40 x 15 cm).

Price per kg – BGN 1.75 without VAT

Free Delivery within Burgas for orders over BGN 50,

For delivery in Burgas region – special conditions.

Contact phone: +359 888 20 64 84

and for request by e-mail: